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A Good Lawyer Makes

A good lawyer is one that cares about their local community. A good lawyer is one that fights like a big city lawyer, but looks out for everyday people. Chuck Kozak is Reno local, with decades of experience who will fight because you matter. 

Chuck’s Services

Injury Law

Trying to pick up the pieces after having suffered an injury can be overwhelming. Chuck Kozak will be the first to warn that insurance companies are quick to convince personal injury victims to settle before they can receive what they truly deserve. Chuck will fight so you can get back to what really matters.

Estate Planning

Discussing end of life matters is difficult. It’s important to talk to an attorney who will listen. Chuck Kozak works with clients to ensure a well thought out plan for the future of your loved ones. 

Family Law

When it comes to protecting and providing for your family, no one takes your case more seriously than Chuck. Chuck is an experienced family law attorney who understands how emotional the break up of a family can be. He will guide you through a process that will protect those who matter most.

Protect Your Business

Security and stability are important to the success of your business. Whether it be drawing up clear and concrete contracts or fighting on solid ground in litigation, Chuck will ensure you protect your business from misconduct or negligence.  

Business Litigation

Professional Liability


Talk to Chuck. He’ll Take Care Of The Rest. 

Chuck Kozak is not like other lawyers. He’s local which means you will speak directly with him, not one of his staff. He listens. Your story matters. He’s a veteran with experience. From JAG lawyer to million dollar class action attorney to looking out for everyday people, Chuck’s experience and character is unmatched.

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